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Lolli Bop Sweet Shop

NEW Candy Bouquets!


Bopper Bouquet!

Say it with candy! 

This is our signature candy bouquet which includes a wonderfully yummy assortment of lollipops, taffies, and more!


80's Candy Kid Bouquet!

This throwback bouquet includes the candy everyone loved as a kid in the 80's. Remember walking to the concession stand to grab a pack of Big League Chew or a hand full of penny candy? Now it's all in this neat bouquet of sweet memories. 


Granny's Goodie Bouquet!

It's got chewy, crispy, nutty, caramelly, and chocolatey treats. You know, all the golden age goodies Granny grew up eating. For a limited time this bouquet includes the discontinued Squirrel Nut Zippers and Mary Janes! 

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More Candy Options!

Candy Pouches


Enjoy your favorite candy, in your favorite flavors, and in your favorite colors with these candy pouches. Buy a few bags for your own stash or buy a bunch for the candy table.

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Candy Gift Boxes


Inside this cute purple box is a custom mix of the best candies selected by us.  These Lolli Bop blends are always a huge hit for any candy lover!

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Lolli Bop Candy Box Subscription


Each month we create a box of fun candies for you to enjoy...or share.  Every box is cleverly themed and we thoughtfully select a variety of candy to match the theme. Each box contains 4 canisters of candy and an awesome bonus treat. It's the best way to Sweet Yo Self!  

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