All About Lolli Bop

Welcome to Lolli Bop Sweet Shop


Lolli Bop Sweet Shop is a fun and cheerful one-stop sweet shop to suit your sweet cravings.  The shop is a literal Candyland filled with sweet candy themed decor and delectable goodies to eat. Lolli Bop offers a huge variety of all things sweet including homemade shortcakes and cookies, frozen treats like ice cream sandwiches and milk shakes and every candy imaginable! 

Back up, what's a shortcake you ask? It's our signature bakery item. Imagine a cupcake, only waay better. We take the most decadent and moist layers of cake and stack them with alternating layers of buttercream.  Our most popular is the "Red Berry Blush" shortcake; it's made with layers of Red Velvet and Strawberry cakes paired with the perfect cream cheese icing and dollop of strawberry buttercream. Whoa! 

The wall of candy is one that you have to see to believe. It includes the old school candy that you grew up eating and today's fan favorites that everyone loves! We're talking 20 different varieties of gummy bears and countless other gummy candies. We also stock the exclusive novelty candies that are popular with the kiddos. 

We also specialize in custom creations for events, birthdays, showers, etc.  We can create everything for your party including custom themed cakes, cake pops, ice'd crispy treats (TM), dipped cookies and pretzels and more. We provide all the fixings you need for your dessert tables and candy buffets. 

There are a lot of ways to Sweet Yo Self, and they all begin at Lolli Bop Sweet Shop!

About Jenn


Born to Bake

Born and raised just outside of Chicago, Illinois. My love for sweets and watching my mom in the kitchen inspired the little baker in me at a very early age. 

The Dream

Every day I would think about my bakery; I would develop menus and sketch drawings of the desserts and the décor of the shop, then I would file it away until the next time I had a moment to dream out loud. As the years passed and life brought on new opportunities including a relocation to Atlanta, Georgia, I held on to my dream to one day open my own bake shop. After a successful 15-year career in the finance industry, I decided it was time for something new and exciting. It was time to finally pursue The Dream. 

Making the Dream Real

My dream of owning a bakery that specialized in traditional desserts with a fun and modern twist was upgraded to a grander concept.  I wanted to create a one stop sweet shop! A wonderland with not only baked goods, but with a wall of candy and really great ice cream treats.  A place that offers such a sweet variety could only be contained in the most wonderful and whimsical atmosphere; a place that looks like the inside of a kid’s imagination. So that's what I created. 

The Best Part

The creativity and freedom of expression my craft offers are the best part.  My favorite times at my shop are when I get to create something new for the menu and let my imagination soar and see what sweet.

Jenny From The Bop

You have been cordially invited behind the bakery counter and into my world. I'm excited to share with you simple, easy to master baking recipes, along with a few tips, tricks and hacks for some amazing desserts. You will also get a glimpse of what life is really like for this busy mom and business owner. Be a part of the Bopper team and get ready to Sweet Yo'Self!